Genre: Romantic Sitcom Dramedy

Status: Seeking Financing, Episode 2 is in Pre-Production!

Announcements: Watch Pilot Here!

Synopsis: THE SINGLE(S) is a hysterical and heartfelt half-hour, romantic sitcom dramedy revolving around four friends in Los Angeles. The friends – Julian, Karmen, Tim, and Christina – all struggle to establish fulfilling lives for themselves in one way or another. Always fun and relatable, our characters contest universal conflicts with lively contemporary twists.

Julian hesitantly explores romantic life as he’s pushed to open himself up to unfamiliar experiences and new relationships. Karmen attempts to find a sustainable work/life balance and practice better self-care. Tim needs to lay down his ladies’-man facade and allow himself to be more vulnerable. And Christina learns humility in the wake of incredible commercial success.

The comedy comes from the characters’ actions and reactions to all-too-familiar, awkward, embarrassing, and often painful social interactions that are just unavoidable parts of building a well-rounded life. It’s How I Met Your Mother, Insecure, Master of None, and Broad City all wrapped into one and filtered through the modern lenses of the digital age, the pandemic, and life in Los Angeles

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